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Support local business

Support local business. That is the seed I want to plant in you today. I love planting a garden, I love spring and everything it brings to the spirit. New life, growth, change it all speaks to me so deeply. This month I want to plant a seed in your

Let go of things that no longer serve you

Getting rid of stuff. Ughhh. The dreaded mission to pair down and live with less. The movement of minimalism has obviously swept the nation, and icons like Marie Kondo have made the concept “easy”. I have to admit I am hooked, I am officially addicted to purging. Making a house

How to make a mood board and use it

How to make a mood board and actually use it for your next design project. Isn’t January just the best time of year to start new? Going into 2020 with a clear vision is simply poetic. In this blog I outline why to use a mood board, a simplified way

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