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Let go of things that no longer serve you

Getting rid of stuff. Ughhh. The dreaded mission to pair down and live with less. The movement of minimalism has obviously swept the nation, and icons like Marie Kondo have made the concept “easy”. I have to admit I am hooked, I am officially addicted to purging. Making a house

Making a house a home – THE GUEST ROOM

If my house was burning down and I had time to only grab one thing besides my kids and my cat, it would be my car keys so I could drive straight to a loved ones house. Material things have become so unimportant to me since having kids, it was

Making a House a Home -Nature inspires creativity

Making a house a home is my personal mission, and the point of this blog. As a self proclaimed recovering hoarder I have spent the first six years as a mom purging unwanted clutter from my home. The more I get rid of, the more I realize how much we

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