50 years of premium quality drapery

Rainbow Draperies has been making premium quality drapery for 50 years! 2021 is going to be all about 50, 50 years of making premium quality drapery. As we continue to focus on drapery this year we will also be celebrating 50 weeks of giveaways, specials and memories. We don’t know

before you invest in window coverings ask these things!

Stop! Before you purchase window coverings take some time to think about what your needs are. Ask yourself the following; Do I require privacy, light control, energy efficiencies, aesthetic… or perhaps it’s a matter of completing a renovation or new build? All of these are the first steps in understanding

Airbnb character home Mood Board

Introducing my latest decor project; an AirBnB Character home near the University of Alberta in the McKernan area. Still working on it’s official charming and inviting name ….taking suggestions in the comments. This home has been the Pastor’s house for many years, located right next door to an old Church

Support local business

Support local business. That is the seed I want to plant in you today. I love planting a garden, I love spring and everything it brings to the spirit. New life, growth, change it all speaks to me so deeply. This month I want to plant a seed in your

Shop secondhand first and make a house a home

Ok, so last month I wrote about letting go of things that no longer serve you. I didn’t mention much about what to do with the stuff that you let go of, so I am going to pick up there and talk about how I think you should make a

Let go of things that no longer serve you

Getting rid of stuff. Ughhh. The dreaded mission to pair down and live with less. The movement of minimalism has obviously swept the nation, and icons like Marie Kondo have made the concept “easy”. I have to admit I am hooked, I am officially addicted to purging. Making a house

How to make a mood board and use it

How to make a mood board and actually use it for your next design project. Isn’t January just the best time of year to start new? Going into 2020 with a clear vision is simply poetic. In this blog I outline why to use a mood board, a simplified way

INSTA DRAPE; custom drapery made quick + easy

Custom Drapery just got a whole lot easier; introducing INSTA DRAPE. Pick your pleat, pick your height and pick your fabric and voila custom drapery ready to hang. Same great quality you get from locally handcrafted custom manufacturing but without too many options. Hardware and Installation services also available. Panels

Cookies – “Making a house a home”

“Making a house a home” must include homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies! This recipe will not disappoint!!! It’s of course an heirloom recipe, passed down from Grandma (which basically means they will be the best chocolate chip cookies you have ever tasted!) Making a house a home is about simple practices

Drapery – “Making a house a home”

I am blogging about my personal journey of making a house a home, and I am currently focused on my guest room because we have company coming! Since deciding to spruce up my guest room and make it all nice and cozy – I have had two spontaneous guests arrive

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