before you invest in window coverings ask these things!

Stop! Before you purchase window coverings take some time to think about what your needs are. Ask yourself the following; Do I require privacy, light control, energy efficiencies, aesthetic… or perhaps it’s a matter of completing a renovation or new build?

All of these are the first steps in understanding what product, and how many products you need to solve your design needs. Too often I am called in after money has been invested and my client is frustrated with performance. Why does this happen? Simply because the right questions have not been asked to begin with. We make assumptions based on visuals and not the practicalities.

Think about it, how often do you see something on TV, in a magazine or at a friends and think “that looks great, I want that” and then find yourself a little unhappy with the results? The truth about window coverings is they truly are an architectural detail, they are needed to function in the home properly. But because we all have such different needs, window coverings are sold as an after market or decor item. They fall in this funny “off the shelf” category but really are about as detailed as any other element that goes into building the home itself. That’s why hiring a window coverings specialist matters and why I want you to think about these things before purchasing.

Do you require privacy from your window coverings?

Before purchasing window coverings think about Privacy. Who can see in your windows? Is it on a front street or perhaps direct view from a neighbour? Or is this not a need at all?

What’s important at this step is to know, do I require privacy from my window coverings?

Do you require light control from your window coverings?

Before purchasing window coverings think about Light Control. How much do you want to be able to control? Is it a bedroom that faces east and wakes you up too early in the summer? Or perhaps you are a shift worker that needs to sleep during the day? The reverse is to be considered too, is it a kitchen that you want to keep bright with lots of light pouring in but perhaps has a cold draft? Therefore light control is important but not in the same regard.

The thing to think about is how much light do you need to control?

Do you require Energy Efficiency in your window covering?

Before purchasing window coverings think about energy efficiencies. Do you have an old drafty house like mine with no intention of buying new windows? Adding a cellular shade can increase energry efficiencies by 80%! Cellular shades can reduce heat lost all while letting the light pour in. How great is that?

The key is asking yourself how important is this feature? If you have brand new triple pane windows in a well built home you might not need this as much as the next guy.

What kind of aesthetic are you looking for in your window covering?

Now for the pretties! Let’s be honest, fabrics and window coverings sure can change the aesthetic to a space. If you are looking to add a print or a texture, the drapery is a great place to do so. There are endless options in the custom world, so knowing that design is important we can best find the right solution for you. It’s all about the details. Layers can be brought in to accomplish the ultimate goal.

An efficient blind on the inside and an aesthetic side panel to frame out the treatment may be the perfect solution for you. The question to consider is how important is the overall aesthetic. Truthfully this is never sacrificed from my point of view, but it is good to know where you stand.

Check out the Instadrape program for an economical option to adding custom drapery to your space.

Did you finish a New Build or Renovation?

Did you just “finish” a renovation or a new build and for some reason it just doesn’t feel finished? Chances are its because the window coverings are not complete. Most often they are the last thing to be completed and one of the easiest elements to over look or put off. Often its because of budget or not having a specialist to help you figure out what your options are.

Well fear no more! Kim is here. My sole purpose (at work) is to design custom window coverings for the home. Let’s complete your space with solutions designed just for you. I specialize in window treatments because now you can see, there are that many details to think about on each and every window and I love to provide solutions! I work with only the best when it comes to service and quality, for more information about my manufacturers please check out Hunter Douglas and Rainbow Draperies.

Now picture how many different styles and shapes of windows you’ve seen in your lifetime. Imagine an option on the shelf that can service all those elements? Truth is it can’t. Every home, every individual and every product has a different need, desire and budget. Let me help you navigate through the many options and find a product that is right for you.

Now that you have lots to think about…..Let’s get started, contact me here today!

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