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Support local business. That is the seed I want to plant in you today. I love planting a garden, I love spring and everything it brings to the spirit. New life, growth, change it all speaks to me so deeply. This month I want to plant a seed in your mind, an idea that can shape the future. Support local business now and help someone grow. It’s that simple. The companies we choose to support now will be the ones that triumph later.

The future harvest

This past month did one of those bizarre things, speed up and stand still all at the same time. So bare with me today, everything is written from the heart, and off the cuff. No time this past month to rework and edit my copy.

I usually take all month to add to my concept. I like to gather photos and rework ideas. Currently I using for pictures but I working towards using all of my own originals. I then write about how this theme connects back to me and to you. But this past month, like literally everyone else, my efforts and thoughts have shifted towards a new way of life. I am still focused on making a house a home. I’m working my butt off on a bunch of behind the scenes stuff I can’t wait to share with you.

But I can’t help but wonder… (yes I grew up watching Sex and the City, you can hear Carrie Bradshaw saying that if you did too). Anyways, what if planting just a small idea in your mind, an idea like support local business, could actually change the future? I think it’s worth finding out.

Plant a seed

Literally and figuratively. Go plant a seed. It’s the perfect time to do so. Inspired by the garden and it’s full circle nature and sustainability practices I find my centre in the dirt. Therefore, spring is my absolute fave time of year. I love finding the little buds. Watching the stillness of the ice turn to rushing sounds and moving waters. Spring couldn’t be more wanted this year.

Plant a seed

So grab some dirt and plant a seed, give yourself something to watch and nurture. It’s that amazing time of year where many homes have little incubators full of seeds. Simply planted in tiny rows or pots sitting in the windows. Just waiting for the ground to thaw enough and the temperature to rise just enough to get outside.

It makes my heart swell to think of all the cozy homes just bursting with pride right now. Little sprouts starting to reveal themselves through the dark mud.

From the mud comes beauty

Support local business and help them bloom

This is my favourite life analogy – the lotus flower – one of the most beautiful flowers that blooms from the mud. The darkest ugliest conditions and it blooms beauty. I use it all the time in life, so this is the part of the “quick thoughts by Kim” that gets deep rooted.

I believe now, more than ever, it is time to plant a metaphorical seed. Because an idea that gets planted in the mud of which is now, can bloom in the most spectacular way (later).

Plant an idea – support local business

The idea I want to plant in you is to support local business when ever you can. Needs and wants are definitely defined more than ever these days. Stop and think about where you might be able to get “it”.

Support local business

The companies that you choose to support now (during the mud) become the future of tomorrow. There is no doubt some small businesses will have to dissolve and their idea will return to the earth like a leaf in the fall. But if there is a chance that you can think twice about who you give your business to please do so.

A simple idea can start so small and become something so beautiful

My example is as small as soap. You could hop on the giant, which is amazon, and have it shipped in a day. Or you could head over to a site like Etsy and search for “Edmonton soap companies”. Companies like MacDuff’s Soap Company are doing whatever they can to provide right now. You can help someone in your own neighbourhood. How beautiful is that?

From the mud comes beauty – support local business

It’s merely a seed of an idea, it’s where you plant it that it grows. How you water and nurture this idea is going to impact your future and those around you. There will no doubt be that annoying period where we wait and we wait and we wait. When the flower blooms it’s the most incredible yield of results one can witness and it’s all natural. Such is life, sometimes we have to wait and wait.

The decisions you make today will impact your future. Therefore I challenge you to think twice before you buy. I’ve now planted the seed in you. It’s up to you to help nurture that seed and support a local business.

A time for everything

Time to support local business

Stay safe my friends, and wash your hands.


Kim Neeser

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