Cookies – “Making a house a home”

Making a house a home” must include homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies!

This recipe will not disappoint!!! It’s of course an heirloom recipe, passed down from Grandma (which basically means they will be the best chocolate chip cookies you have ever tasted!) Making a house a home is about simple practices that connect people and make memories! That’s what this blog is all about.

Here is how I see it:

1. Keep a recipe book. I like the process of pen to paper so I rewrite all my faves. I keep them in this simple notebook, it gets covered in all kinds of drips and smudges but as a recovering perfectionist the idea of having a pretty perfect version with typed recipes I admired on Pinterest had to go! One day I just started and now I have a bunch of go-to-must-make-again recipes. (The secret is you only record the recipes after they have been tested and you approve the idea of remaking it again in the future!)

2. Cute containers. It doesn’t matter what your style is so long as you like it! The more you like the items you use the better the chances of you using them are. These little wood boxes pulled at my heartstrings because of the dovetail corners and the quirky hand painted birds. I also love having natural elements in my home, I am very inspired by Mother Nature and it is my way of showing honour to the earth. If I can choose something that will eventually break down and return to the earth like wood instead of plastic that just ends up as broken pieces in a landfill it just makes me happier.

3. Good quality ingredients make a house a home; especially ones that smell like vanilla. You guys do yourself a favour and buy real vanilla. Again a little bit of that love for mother earth that inspires me to eat real food; not processed faux flavours but it’s also about the taste. It’s just better. Give it a good sniff when you free pour it into your cookies and your heart starts to swell.

4. Cookie Dough. I mean is there a sweet treat that is better than cookie dough? For me this “makes a house a home” because it reminds me of my childhood, and it’s a tradition I get to pass on to my kids! The anticipation of that moment that we are aloud to sneak a taste, or lick the beaters, the spoon, the bowl….oh man it just makes me melt thinking of the importance of family and traditions and the impact that something so small can have on a lifetime connecting us to our past, our present, our future; OUR FAMILY.

5. The right tools. In this case having an ice cream scoop is a just a smart investment. It may not get used every day, but it makes baking so much more fun. I am not even kidding; when you use a tool like this and it scoops out perfectly imperfect little balls it’s just more fun. And who doesn’t like more fun?

mmmmmm The anticipation…..

6. Appreciation and savouring the little things. There is that moment I was talking about earlier. Like COMMON, you can see the appreciation on that face. The way she is taking in every moment. As a mom this is that moment I feel appreciated. This is the way they say thank you, and if I am not careful and don’t stop to take it in these little moments can easily be missed. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. “It’s a thankless job,” they say about motherhood, but I say take joy in what you get, it’s probably better than if you were to script it yourself.

7. Intention. I had to save some cookie dough for my oldest Julia because we made these while she was at school. Having one kid in Kindergarten and one in Grade one, we have some “observations” that my oldest has made about how “un fair” it is that she has to be in school all day. So I try to make it special for her too. I wish I got a picture of her when I told her she had a cookie size chunk of dough waiting for her when she got home! Again pure joy, and the best version of thank you I was going to get from her. It’s the little things we can do with intention for the people in our home that “makes a house a home”.

8. Presentation. There is nothing like a glass dome to elevate any food dish. It takes it to that next level and makes your mouth water. You can see the condensation on the lid from the warm cookies…..It’s in the details, it’s more than just good design. It’s about doing little things for the people that live there. If I can elevate the experience to the next level and bring joy to my family then I consider it a success!

I mean look at that grin, and those sunbeams pouring in confirming it all. It’s not always about the material goods, but having cute handcrafted items that are picked with intention that help to create memories I can pass on from my mom to my kids is to me a huge part of what makes a house a home.

Happy Baking. Wonderfully made; just like you!


I didn’t get to any home improvements this week, and last week I promised I would reveal a dark secret about my guest room – but this is real life and it’s just not in the cards for this week. I mean it’s cookie season after all! Let’s get our bake on and worry about the decorations for Christmas coming next week! I will return to the guest room when it becomes relevant again. I promise.

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