Drapery – “Making a house a home”

I am blogging about my personal journey of making a house a home, and I am currently focused on my guest room because we have company coming!

Since deciding to spruce up my guest room and make it all nice and cozy – I have had two spontaneous guests arrive and stay over night! How great is that? I am a huge believer in when you put it out there, whatever is meant to be yours will come to you. I wanted guests, and now I am officially on the eve of welcoming my third overnight guest since planning this mini makeover. Just saying.

So, in efforts to make this room extra comfy for my company I am left with a big task – and only a day to complete it! Custom Drapery. My goal with this room is to create comfort and warmth, the window faces west and is in the basement facing the neighbours fence so light and privacy are not a concern (this time of year). But like I said it’s a basement and I live in Edmonton so it’s dark and cold.

The goal with custom drapery is to add coziness and warmth; fabric does just that! A blind might check the boxes for heat, but it isn’t cozy and touchy feely enough. My current “situation” is an old display tapestry which was an experiment in my old role at Rainbow Draperies – obviously as a hoarder I could not let it go so I stored it for years, it currently serves as a layer to block out the cold that comes from this window. The blue fabric is swagged over the rod to create the final level of warmth and coziness. I know in my heart and mind that this looks ridiculous, sort of interesting? Maybe it gets your brain thinking… but non the less ridiculous. When you come from where I come from I am pretty much expecting nothing but ridicule from other family members. (I COME FROM A LOVING FAMILY BUT THEY SAY IT HOW IT IS – AND THE STANDARDS ARE HIGH)

My mission is to skip out on shopping the box stores where mass production lives as the biggest enemy in the war against textile waste.

There are literally companies out there that have created intentional systems that send last seasons clothes straight to the landfills if they don’t sell. Serious. Clothes will get slashed and garbaged in efforts to keep their “brand image” and “accessibility” at a certain level – WTF!

I know this first hand because my first career job was at a china store as the merchandiser, I had to intentional damage things and throw them in the bin so staff wouldn’t steal it. “Company Policy” to smash it more so it can not be used by anyone. I am not speaking to the issues of staff theft I don’t have solutions for that, (well, I have thoughts but that’s for another blog) I am talking about the fact that the solution in some of these big box stores is to make it actual garbage so it cannot be used! I can feel my heart rate rising the more I think about how much work there is to correct this imbalance.

Okay, so back on topic – I have one day to prepare for my company and I refuse to go shopping at a box store that may or may not intentionally mass produce things that go straight to the landfill – so the plan is to make them with intention. Design custom drapes for the window just for me, work with a local sewing room (Obviously my mom’s) and make exactly what I need.

Looks like design is as far as I am going to get is this process because there is no way I can have custom done in a day – I suppose I could if I had the fabric and knew how to sew, but alas I worked in a sewing room for over 10 years and all I know how to sew is a hem line or a square cushion. Sewing drapery is a whole other animal!

The mini skirt was hemmed by yours truly – it started as a pillowcase and I was able to sew enough to turn it into a mini skirt.

But doesn’t the world have a funny way or working out? As I was writing this my mom called and I told her about my conundrum and she revealed to me the release of her latest program at Rainbow Draperies – “INSTA DRAPES!” Like what? Woah, now hold on…I have been talking to her on a regular basis and I know she is trying to make designing custom drapery easier for her clients (TO THE TRADE – Interior designers and home builders), but I thought it was in an educative way – she’s been travelling to the showrooms all over North America to teach her Drapery 101 course to professionals and she is always hosting product knowledge seminars (which of course I love going to) the more you know kind of stuff… but….today she tells me that I can go in and take the drapes right off the wall! WHAT!

She has created an “Insta Drape” program that gets replaced as it gets sold. No waste, no waiting, no bag creating crease marks that literally will not come out and no over thinking… if you see it on the display wall you can have it today – handcrafted right here in Edmonton made with quality fabrics, cleverly used as a selling display tool for custom designers –can now be sold same day!? Same level of quality and beauty but available instantly. She just orders a replacement when it sells and fills the gap – which I happen to know helps feed her own desire to design and experience newness in her showroom. I mean the interior designers don’t get to have all the fun.

I am not sure if the big picture of this is even coming across truly in my blog, but my message this week is this – tell God what it is that you want, set your goals and intentions and then believe they will come true! Have faith. Believe. I mean what do you have to lose? Believing in something is far more productive than doubt – it may be as powerful but what kind of power are you looking for? I set out to design a comfy guest room – last week I wrote about how I would design a custom drapery treatment within a week (Which even by my standards is pretty lofty) and now I get to go into the custom workroom and take a pair of drapes off the wall.

I know I have privilege because if it wasn’t my mom, I would not have been able to find out about this option – it literally was just installed in her showroom. But that’s how my mom (and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) operates, with a let’s-getter-done attitude, no need to waste time. I don’t take this relationship for granted. I cherish it and I am grateful for it. I worked for my mom for many years with my sister and some of those years were the hardest on our family. But I always believed we had something special, and I also believe that the seeds we plant don’t always sprout right away. I do think tho, some of those seeds are not only sprouting but finally have started to bloom!

New drapes!

There you have it, one week later, I have updated my window to a cozy blanket that looks like a pillow of snowy goodness that you would just want to fall into!

“Making a house a home” is not just about the pretty’s and the decor its about relationship, it’s personal, it’s about expression and what we are comfortable with. I am working on my own home and every week I am setting up personal goals to blog about in efforts to keep myself accountable, I want results.

Who knows what next week will look like for sure, but one thing I know is that I am going to continue to work towards de-cluttering and intentional practices that fit my own personal style and needs and it will be wonderfully made; just like you!


Spoiler Alert!!! Next week I promise to reveal a dark secret about the guest room that I have yet to share with you. All in efforts to get the work done, I’m choosing to face things head on these days and stop hiding behind my faults and failures and ugly truths (I think they call it denial). I have come to realize that when we face them (insecurities/fears/demons) head on we recognize they are not actually so bad and we have all the power to deal with them.

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