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Welcome to my personal journey of “Making a house a home”.  I have taken some much needed time to focus on myself and my family and it is with great pleasure that I announce the official launch of my new website, business venture and personal blog. I unofficially went back to work two years ago after having two daughters selling vintage on Etsy; but as of today those girls are 5 (tomorrow) and 6 years old and are both in school now, and I have closed the vintage shop on Etsy to design custom window coverings, bedding and accessories for real life that are wonderfully made; just like you. With a little bit of vintage….

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My goal with this blog is to reveal the human aspect to interior design and custom manufacturing, and share in the process of making a house a home. Interior Design can appear so glamorous and can also be very intimidating. I have talked to a lot of people that are turned off of it and feel undeserving, as though it is only for the elite. But through my own personal growth and focus on self love and my family I have come to realize I am deserving and so are you to follow your hearts desires. I love design, fashion, travel, God and coffee but most important to me is my family and the comforts of home,  so pretty much everything will be centered around that!

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I am going to reveal to you in this blog the highs and lows of my own journey and show you how custom design fits into a real home. As little or as much as you desire, expressing your own personal style can be done without needing to break the bank and you don’t need to hire an interior designer to make over your entire space. Sometimes you might just need a single piece, or an upgraded window treatment to fulfill a desire or a goal. That’s what I am here for, to show you what that looks like.

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Now don’t get me wrong there is most definitely a place for full interior design services and full blown renovations and custom built homes – that’s my husbands business after all. Wes, my husband, owns and operates a custom home build company YEG Builders and works hand in hand with architects, interior designers and lots of other trades that all work very hard at bringing a project together.

Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature you will see lots of it in my photography and how it translate into patterns and designs I use, as well as the materials themselves tend to lean towards natural fibres like linens, cottons, silks and wool. Everything is hand crafted by a person right here in my home town of Edmonton which I love so much. Something magic happens when you get to see something come to be right before your eyes, and working with such skilled people in efforts to create a vision just makes my heart swell with joy!


I am also a huge fan of fashion; my passion projects include hosting clothing swaps in efforts to keep things out of the landfills and our closets from being too cluttered with stuff we don’t need. I also participate annually in unconventional fashion shows where I design and hand make skirts from up-cycled materials. So I will be sure to write about these ventures too.

I am a very expressive and passionate person and a bit of an advocate for the everyday person that can’t make it over in one big swoop, as someone who goes about life as a free spirit things happen very organically around my house and I don’t think I am alone in that. I am more in balance when I am creating and writing about what I do, so this blog is also a little bit for my sake too. I just hope that I can inspire you along the way to find your personal expression and self worth through the creative arts. I love what I do and I hope that translates.

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I am excited to write about “tips of the trade”, design services, before and afters, fashion events, and real life examples of deep “high level thinking” from the heart writing about what I believe it takes to make a house a home all wonderfully made; just like you! I am a hard worker with lots of heart, and a lot of ideas. I hope to make some of them come true with collaborations and connecting with people who value the arts.

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Thanks for reading my blog.


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